Buccoo Reef Trust hosts MSc students

The Buccoo Reef Trust facilitated six MSc students from the University of Newcastle-upon Tyne (UK) and the University Wales, Bangor (UK) in successfully undertaking their field research projects in Tobago in 2002.

The projects were designed by the students in collaboration with the BRT and Dr. Potts, Director of Marine Resources and Fisheries of the THA, to ensure that they were relevant to the needs of the island. The projects were:

  1. Ronan Roche – Use of coral cores as indicators of coastal pollution and reef health
  2. Lucy Gallagher-Freymuth – The potential for tourism as a means of financing Tobagonian Marine Protected Areas
  3. Joel Kimber – Relative value of large fish to fishing and ecotourism in Tobago
  4. Munirih Mancey – Management Issues of the Establishment of the Speyside MPA, Tobago
  5. Laure-Coraline de Lassasie – Recruitment and culture of the Caribbean spiny lobster (Panulirus argus)

These and other studies are available for reading at the library of the Buccoo Reef Trust.