IADB to fund $300M Wastewater Project in Tobago

The THA and the Central Government of Trinidad & Tobago seem determined to deal with the 30 year old problem of sewering southwest Tobago.

The Tobago community, supported by a number of NGOs, has highlighted the impact that poorly treated sewage is having on coastal ecosystems particularly in the Buccoo Reef Marine Park and also how it affects human health.

Government has recently requested a loan from IADB to fund the Waste Water Treatment System for southwest Tobago. The project involves laying trunk mains from Plymouth to Crown Point where the treatment plant will be located. It is recommended that a two kilometer outfall pipe will take the treated effluent well away from the beach and reef areas.

The entire project is expected to start in 2005 and take about 3 years to complete. The estimated cost is in excess of TT$300M. Gerald MacFarlane of the BRT strongly recommends that when the contract is awarded, consideration be given to the use of trenchless technology and working at night in order to minimise the level of inconvenience and disruption to the targeted community.