Awards & Achievements

WANGO, “2004 WANGO Award Recipients”, World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations – Awards,

WANGO Award.

The WANGO Environment Award was presented to the Buccoo Reef Trust. The Buccoo Reef Trust is a Caribbean non-profit organization, which is tackling the serious challenges facing marine environments in that region, with particular emphasis on the threats facing Tobago’s coral reefs, particularly the 10,000 year-old Buccoo Reef, the largest coral reef in Tobago. Through education, research and active ecotourism, the Buccoo Reef Trust is fostering an attitude that will enable people to protect the marine environment while ensuring sustainable use of the region’s aquatic resources. It is working to build and operate the Tobago Marine Research Centre as an internationally recognized institution of research and education that will serve the Southern Caribbean region as a focal point for coral reef conservation and the development of sustainable aquaculture.

In taking the decision to present the Buccoo Reef Trust with its environmental award, the WANGO International Council was impressed with the consistent and courageous commitment of the Buccoo Reef Trust to protection of Tobago’s and the Caribbean’s marine environment and coupling this with exploring opportunities for sustainable development for the region’s people. While Buccoo Reef Trust is a young organization, it is clear that the Trust is not only sincerely motivated, but quite accomplished, and well worthy of this honor. We take great pleasure in recognizing this organization, particularly since so little recognition is given to organizations working on ocean environments.

Honorable Gerald George MacFarlane and Ms. Kaye Trotman, Directors of Buccoo Reef Trust, accepted the award. Hon. MacFarlane addressed the audience. He acknowledged, “The key to the success of our operation is the process of networking. We will be contributing to this year’s conference theme “Healing a Hurting World,” for we’ll be living it out in our slogan and our motto, as it reads “Protecting our sea of life must be our way of life.” He concluded by commending WANGO for all of its efforts in addressing some of the world’s critical issues.