Sea Sun Science Vacation Programme 2003 was a great Success

Who said that learning couldn’t be fun?!Certainly not this year’s participants of the Sea, Sun and Science vacation programme. This year’s programme was conducted in two 2-week sessions, July 7 – July 17 and July 21 – July 31, with a total of 32 students from various high schools around the island and regional universities taking part.

Students in this year’s programme participated in a variety of interesting activities and lectures, developed and executed by a wonderful and enthusiastic group of sponsors. Johnson’s Tours took the students to the Buccoo Reef Complex and No Man’s Land where they snorkeled and studied Conch Biology;Dr. Potts, Director of Marine Resources and Fisheries in the Tobago House of Assembly lectured the students on Fisheries Management.

Students learned fish biology, toured two fish processing plants, pulled seine and did a little line fishing of their own. Participants also learned the rudiments of SCUBA and sailing from Frontier Divers and Natural Mystic Charters respectively; toured Angel Reef and Little Tobago with the assistance of Frank’s Tours and staff from the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment; and participated in a beach clean-up.

The programme culminated with a graduation ceremony held at Conrado Beach Resort on August 6 2003. The ceremony was attended by the Honourable Rennie Dumas, Minister of Public Utilities and the Environment, and the Honourable Stanford Callendar, Minister of Tobago Affairs in the Office of the Prime Minister. Both Ministers praised the initiative of the programme in exposing Tobago’s young people to their marine environment and awarded certificates of participation and special awards to the students. The event was covered by local newspapers and received television coverage on the Channel 5 News syndicate.